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We work for the benefit of your business. No lazy bosses and employees. We do manage all the business. We are the owners of the shops. Working with us you get: Project management directly on our website. Instant messaging and SMS alerts. Real-time full server monitoring and IDS + personal firewall. Instant troubleshooting and resolution. Fastest shops on the net. Many years of experience in the design and configuration of stable and fast solutions for e-commerce with PCI compliance.
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Magento 2 “CentOS 7” Server Installation


System packages + updates
Varnish HTTPS cache setup
Percona 5.7 + my.cnf optimization
Nginx latest mainline + config and vhost
PHP-FPM 7.2 + (opcache, lzf, snappy, redis)
Redis Magento Cache + Sessions (2 instances)
Firewall installation (CSF Firewall or Fail2Ban)
Malware scanner (mwscan)
Service status with email alerting
Letsencrypt configuration

ready for production.

no support included.

Configuration options

Extra services

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