How to install and configure CentOS 7 server with Magento 2
click this link to GitHub repo MagenX – Automated Server Configuration for Magento

Get a fully pre-configured server with Magento and LEMP stack in just 15 minutes.

System requirements:
Dedicated server / VPS
CentOS 7 x64 minimal

All selected repositories
Percona 5.6 .latest
PHP 7.0 .latest (with php: -opcache, -redis, -lzf, -memcache)
Nginx .latest (mainline)
Redis .latest
Memcached .latest
Varnish 4 .latest
Magento latest

phpMyAdmin .latest – advanced database management – database tuning script
mytop – database debug tool
MagenX default my.cnf for Percona

Optimizes php.ini, fastcgi_params, redis, sysctl
php-fpm = ondemand
Nginx config for your domain
Varnish settings
Mysql root and user passwords + mysql_secure_installation
Magento files permissions
Magento cron
ZendOpcache + cache invalidation
Magento Redis Cache backend
Magento Redis sessions
Create ftp user + Proftpd server
Clamav scanner
Webmin CP
CSF firewall

ready for:
Varnish FPC